Referral Program

Adspect has a referral program that allows our customers to earn money for bringing new clients to us. The referral program works on a revenue share basis, that is, the referral fee is credited to your balance each time a customer that you brought purchases a subscription.

The referral fee is 5%. However, it may be increased individually if you manage to bring new clients consistently. Please contact us if you have considerable presence on affiliate marketing or SMM forums, blogs, or in Telegram groups, and we will find a mutually profitable agreement.

The referral fee is credited to your account balance. Each time an invoice is created, funds on your balance are used first and deducted from the total amount that remains to be paid. This means that if you have enough funds on your balance, then you may use them to purchase a subscription wholly. For each credited fee, you will receive a referral fee receipt in the Invoices section of the members area.

You may find your referral link at the bottom of your profile, along with a list of your referral clients. Use that link to promote Adspect, and each new member registered by it will be accounted as your referral. On the technical side, we use both a cookie with one month expiration time and a parameter in the link that we e-mail to new customers in order to complete registration, which means that even if they do so on a different device, they will still be accounted to you.